How safe is my data?

Protect your data first, not last

Nowadays we have complex hybrid environments with multiple data sources, either on-premises or cloud related, including directories such as AD or Azure AD.
With the recent shift towards remote work, it even has a bigger impact on the lack of visibility.
The amount of data created in the world will grow to 163 Zettabytes (or 151 trillion gigabytes) in 2025, representing a nearly tenfold increase from the amount created in 2020.
We’re seeing significant, broad changes in how the industry approaches data security as well. Keeping data private and secure is not longer just an IT problem – cybersecurity has board-level visibility and significant breaches won’t just be felt in the IT department.
Securing data, not just the surrounding systems, is becoming a standard and it’s being enforced by regulation like the GDPR and ISO 27001&2.

datasecurity assessment

Does the following questions sounds familiar to you ?

  • Who is accessing, modifying, moving, deleting files and emails?
  • Which data is exposed to too many people?
  • Who has access to files, folders, mailboxes?
  • Which files contain critical ) information? (GDPR, PCI-DSS, SOX, etc…)
  • Which data isn’t being used?
  • How to identify your data owners?
  • Am I alerted when data is lost, stolen, or misused?
  • How do we protect against ransomware, malware & data breaches?
  • How do we recover from ransomware, malware & data breaches?
  • Am i prepared for breach notification ?

How can we help ?

Secubear in collaboration with Varonis will continually collects and analyzes data from your enterprise data stores and perimeter devices. The architecture uses distributed collectors that allow you to scale out as your IT infrastructure grows. It never write to disk on the systems that it’s auditing, and it has patented data structures and algorithms for normalizing metadata, so you never have to worry about purging and pruning historical information.

In a nutshell, Secubear will help to assess, prioritize, and mitigate your biggest IT security risks in your environment.

As a deliverable, you can expect a data risk assessment with all facts & figures.

Action plan

Step 1:

Secubear will deploy the Varonis data security platform as first step, in order to collect all the metadata.

  • Map your environment
  • Begin monitoring user/account/data behavior
  • Start automated discovery/classification (optional)
  • Prioritize and create incident response plan for alerts, including automated responses
  • Train staff on day to day management, including reports, permissions and AD management, finding lost files, etc.
  • Identify known data owners demarcation points
  • Identify known data retention and disposition policies

Step 2:

Secubear can help in the remediation part. The objective is to fix all identified issues, challenges & risks in the first step.

  • Fix inconsistent/broken ACL’s
  • Eliminate excessive permissions and reduce overexposure
  • Eliminate remaining global access groups
  • Address AD artifacts (empty, unused security groups, non-expiring passwords, etc.)
  • Address retention/disposition by quarantining, archiving, and deleting stale data

Vaccin your data

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