Would you like to know where your biggest data security threats are ?

Together, Varonis and Secubear are on a mission to help our customers achieve their unique privacy and security objectives. By combining Secubear ‘s depth and experience in the security industry with the Varonis platform, we ensure you have the correct defenses for your data in place to be proactive in managing risk, detecting & responding to threats and meeting compliance requirements.

It’s true: our assessments pinpoint your vulnerabilities so accurately, others have tried to white label and sell them.

That’s because they give you concrete steps to prioritize and fix major security risks and compliance issues in your data, like:

Global access, stale data, and inconsistent permissions

Overexposed sensitive data like PII, HIPAA, and PCI

Non-compliant access and authorization processes

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    What is a Data Risk Assessment (DRA) ?

    After a quick install (usually a couple of hours), Secubear can identify where a customer has sensitive data exposed, weaknesses in Active Directory, and other security vulnerabilities.

    When IT and security professionals see their environment through Varonis interactive dashboards and reports, they are inspired to act.

    This tool kit will help you identify which type of DRA you can offer prospects or existing customers, and how to get started.

    Data Risk Assessment Use Cases

    See where you’re exposed and simplify compliance

    Get a detailed, true-to-life report based on your company data, that reveals the vulnerabilities hackers will hunt for.

    Use the report to generate a prioritized remediation plan, get buy-in from leadership, and map out what you need to do next to meet regulations.

    What does the Risk Assessment Package contain?

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