Secubear signed new partnership with Cybereason.

Cybereason is the champion for today’s cyberdefenders with future-ready attack protection that extends from the endpoint, to the enterprise, to everywhere.

The Cybereason Defense Platform combines the industry’s toprated detection and response (EDR and XDR), next-gen anti-virus (NGAV), and proactive threat hunting to deliver context-rich analysis of every element of a malicious operation (Malop).

The result: defenders can end cyberattacks from endpoints to everywhere.

Cybereason provides unmatched visibility and detection of adversarial activity on enterprise endpoints. Silent Sensors, agents placed on all endpoints within an enterprise, continuously collect and transparently communicate to the Cybereason Malop Hunting Engine, a big data, behavioral analytics platform designed to reveal malicious operations, known as Malops.  Malops are intuitively presented on the Incident and Response Console

Cybereason helps in early detection and mitigation of Virusses, Ransomware and fileless attacks

Cybereason Logo
next gen endpoint protection

Cybereason completes the Secubear security portfolio for device security.

We selected Cybereason as our endpoint protection partner because they are a the most performant player in Next generation Endpoint Detection and Response. By integrating Cybereason in our security portfolio we will be able to detect threats sooner and respond to them more effectively,

Cybereason’s expertise and high customer satisfaction ratings make them the best choice to complete our portfolio.

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