2310, 2020

Whitepaper about Varonis license registration

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We receive often questions on how to register your licenses in the Varonis plattform. We created a whitepaper about this subject. The whitepaper can be downloaded by cliking below.

Download whitepaper  

809, 2020

5 Ways to Inspire Creativity and Innovation in Your Employees

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How do you build creativity in your team? See how entrepreneur and author Scott Duffy inspires experimentation and creates comfort around risk. Unlock creativity and foster a learning and knowledge sharing #culture with Microsoft Teams and support from Secubear.

809, 2020

Day in the life – IT project manager

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A day in the life - IT project manager with Microsoft Teams. Jamal uses the built-in apps and tabs to monitor projects and mitigate risks. Modernize your business processes and supercharge your team with technology that unlocks creativity. Talk with Secubear to learn more.

409, 2020

How safe is my data?

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Protect your data first, not last

Nowadays we have complex hybrid environments with multiple data sources, either on-premises or cloud related, including directories such as AD or Azure AD.
With the recent shift towards remote work, it even has a bigger impact on the lack of visibility.
The amount of data created in […]

109, 2020

Get more value out of your Varonis platform

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Varonis customers have the most advanced datasecurity platform available on the market.

With the help of Secubear professional services you can reach higher levels of datasecurity with user behaviour analytics,  data classification and automation.
Reducing risk shouldn’t take months—or an army of consultants.

We can help with

  • Data flow monitoring
  • Compliance
  • Ransomware detection
  • […]

109, 2020

A day in the life – Marketing

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You need a secure location to bring together everything your team needs to be productive--chats, calls, meetings, apps, and more. Microsoft Teams pulls together all the collaboration tools you need, right within the interface. That includes easy access to outside tools like social media. Find out how that makes the day for a marketer like Pam a lot easier!

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