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augustus 2020

Creating World-Class Collaboration In A Global Team

Door |2020-08-25T16:15:37+01:00augustus 25th, 2020|Geen categorie|

"Create a culture of empathy," says Kim DeLine, COO for live streaming company Elevate K-12. Check out this Forbes article where she shares successful strategies on getting along, building engagement, and celebrating differences in your distributed workforce. Microsoft Teams provides a single solution to connect across geography and organizational boundaries. You have tools to communicate internal announcements, hold online meetings, and foster that culture of learning and shared knowledge that gets results. Contact Secubear to build your team with Microsoft!

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Door |2020-08-18T11:28:36+01:00augustus 18th, 2020|Geen categorie|

Finding the tools to drive cultural change. When you're looking to drive cultural change, you need the right engagement tools. You need a single solution to connect across organizational and geographic boundaries. Microsoft Teams empowers teams to connect with chat (Yammer), calling, online meetings and Outlook Mobile. It puts modern storytelling tools at your fingertips and simplifies training, reducing turnover. Easily manage and deliver content and video and foster a secure culture of knowledge sharing and creativity. Look to Secubearto learn more. Subscribe now!

A Day in the Life of a Construction Pro with Microsoft Teams

Door |2020-08-18T09:05:59+01:00augustus 18th, 2020|Geen categorie|

From mobility apps to Office 365 productivity tools to collaboration tools to analytics in Power BI, Microsoft Teams delivers everything you need to keep schedules and projects all in one place. Check out this infographic to learn from a day in the life of Sofia, a construction company superintendent.

Employee empowerment bears fruit

Door |2020-08-18T07:06:57+01:00augustus 18th, 2020|Geen categorie|

"We need every employee to understand they can make a difference." That's non-negotiable to Fruit of the Loom CEO Tony Pelaski. In this video, discover how Tony and his team use Microsoft Teams to create a climate for success, ensuring associates have the tools and platform in their supply chain to respond quickly. With Microsoft Teams, Secubear can help you empower every employee at your company by bringing online meetings, modern storytelling tools, collaboration and productivity apps together -- all in one place.

A Day in the Life – Compliance

Door |2020-08-11T07:15:52+01:00augustus 11th, 2020|Geen categorie|

With chat, files, meetings, voice, apps and social backed by enterprise-grade security and reliability, Teamwork powered by #Microsoft365 provides the tools employees need to collaborate any time, any place and on any device. Check out this infographic to see how Teamwork productivity and collaboration tools empower a compliance officer to achieve more and protect sensitive company data.

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Door |2020-08-04T09:06:06+01:00augustus 4th, 2020|Geen categorie|

Subscribe now to stay informed on how #Microsoft #Teams, serving as the hub for teamwork in #Office365, can elevate and transform communication, collaboration, and teamwork across your entire organization. Sub this channel today, and start realizing the promise of a digital workspace.

A new generation of communication tools for a new generation of Alcoa workers

Door |2020-08-04T07:14:55+01:00augustus 4th, 2020|Geen categorie|

At the Alcoa plant in Fjardaal, Iceland, a magnetic board was used to assign shifts, while company-wide announcements were made via standard email--both of which required people to be physically present. The adoption of #Microsoft #Teams transformed these otherwise manual tasks into a workflow better suited to a new generation of digitally savvy Alcoa employees who all carry smartphones. Watch the video to see the transformation, then contact Secubear to see how we can help transform your organization.

juli 2020

Taking internal communication to the next level with Microsoft Teams

Door |2020-07-28T07:25:40+01:00juli 28th, 2020|Geen categorie|

Communication among team members and between different teams, especially when they're in different locations, can be a huge challenge--but it doesn't have to be an obstacle to collaboration and teamwork. Watch this video to discover why Red Lion Hotels (RLH) trusted Microsoft Teams to integrate all its corporate needs into one internal communications tool. Then contact Secubear to find out how we can do the same for your organization.

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Door |2020-07-21T09:13:45+01:00juli 21st, 2020|Geen categorie|

Meeting data compliance standards is complicated. With integrated Microsoft Cloud and Microsoft 365 solutions, Secubear can help you assess and manage compliance risk, protect sensitive data and respond efficiently to data discovery requests. Subscribe now to stay informed!

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