The modern workplace is evolving at lightning speed, with distributed teams, brand-new business models, and complex security issues. The right digital tools connect and support employees, wherever they are, to encourage productivity, engagement, and collaboration. Employees expect to work anywhere, on any device, securely.

It is our mission to ensure that security does not stand in the way of increasing productivity and teamwork. We will accompany you on your digital transformation and make sure it happens in a secure way.

“Longevity in this business is about being able to reinvent yourself or invent the future.”

-Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft Corporation


Our security offering is built around 3 topics that should form the inner layer of your security model to protect your company data. Analysts often say that we should consider data as the new oil or gold. If that is true we could say that you need a vault to store that gold and keys to access this vault. This is where devices and identities come in to play. Below you can find an overview of how we help you with these challenges to protect your company.

Access Management


Organizational teams in charge of authenticating user identities and managing access to corporate resources must walk a fine line, ensuring that the enterprise has robust security controls in place while streamlining authentication procedures to increase user productivity.

Identity Governance


Companies need to make sure that people have access to the rights systems at the right time and for the right reasons; This sounds like a simple task, but it is very hard to achieve without a proper IGA solution

Privileged Access Management


Privileged users have the “keys to the kingdom” and, in the case of a cyberattack or data breach, privileged credentials can be used to cause catastrophic damage to a business.

We focus on the following components to help you manage the authentication challenges within your organization:

  • Single sign-on.
  • Multi-factor authentication.
  • Conditional access.

An IGA solutions makes your business responsible to manage who has access to what instead of IT who does not have this knowledge. Below is an overview of the capabilities that help you in achieving that:

  • Business-friendly User Interface
  • Self-service portal
  • Identity lifecycle Management
  • Segregation of duty
  • Recertification processes
  • Role bases access
  • Reporting capabilities

PAM solutions can be used to secure, manage and monitor privileged access. Privileged accounts – both human and machine – are found on endpoints, in applications and in the cloud. We focus on 3 components to help you secure these priviliged accounts:

  • Access Management
  • Session Management
  • Password Management

Data Protection


Finding your biggest data security risks is harder than ever. Prioritizing risk, safely fixing issues, and keeping data protected requires visibility and context that most organizations simply don’t have.

Threat Protection


Detect and investigate advanced threats, compromised identities, and malicious actions across your on-premises and cloud environments. Protect your organization with adaptive, built-in intelligence.

Unified Endpoint Management


Help users be productive wherever they are while keeping corporate information secure. Flexible management and powerful security solutions let you deliver protected mobile experiences on any device.

Know where your sensitive data lives.

Ensure only the right people have access.

Detect and stop malware and insider threats.

 Sustain a secure state without manual effort.

  • Prioritize incidents: Discover what matters most with correlated, critical threat information shared  in a single console.

  • Investigate and help stop attacks: Automatically investigate signal data and help stop attacks across the kill chain. Increase efficiency and deploy a coordinated defense across domains with AI and automated workflows.

  • Auto-heal assets: Automate actions like identifying and terminating malicious processes on endpoints, removing mail forwarding rules attackers put in place, and applying conditional access policies to suspicious users.

  • Enables cross-domain hunting: Search for threats with custom queries that use proprietary indicators of compromise, organization-specific behavioral patterns, and free-form research.

At secubear we can help you implement Microsoft Endpoint Manager to get endpoint security, device management, and intelligent cloud actions in a unified management platform with Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager.


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